Monday, March 23, 2009

being lazy

Meh... I've been getting lazy and have been coding in 20~30 min intervals couple times a day. The actual coding isn't the problem, just certain aspects of the game. I'm still torn between full keyboard and keyboard/mouse. Both have their pros and cons. I'm leaning more towards full keyboard as I had originally decided on, but then theres one major flaw I have to somehow fix. This being that, if you were to press multiple buttons at once, say (W+D+Space+uparrow = foward high jump + spell cast) either pygames or my laptop(probably my laptop) thinks your mashing the keys so it wont register one of the buttons. Same goes with many other button combinations you'd probably use while playing the game.

I know theres people reading this blog (hopefully programmers), so if you know the solution, save me some time and TELL ME! lol

For now I'm putting scrolling backgrounds and controls in the backburner. I'd much rather work more on spell mechanics and such right now.

I'm also looking more into psyco to see if it could speed up my game. Right now I don't lag even with 50 moving sprites on screen (more then what I'd expect to have on screen at one time), but if it speeds up the game, it's for the better

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