Thursday, April 2, 2009

temporarily dropped...

Maybe it's cause im half brain dead right now... but I've decided to drop everything to convert my flat sidescroller more "3d" or whatever the freakin things called. It's still a sidescroller, but with "depth?"... or whatever. Think of double dragon... yes double dragon. I cant think of any other example right now cause I haven't slept for a while.

Well, what this means is that I will have to rework the graphics, collision detection, movement.. blah blah blah.... more details later.

As for my original sidescroller, it's good to go for the most part. No Ai but like many games, you really dont need it. As it is, they are mindless drones that attack, which is good enough for many games. If you wish to see/use the my source code, just ask.


OMFG 3D collision detection is a f*cking pain in the ass

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  1. Hey, I'm interested in seeing the source to your sidescroller, could you please send it to me halrun (at) verslo (dot) is